True stillness is the observation of adaption and change. Mistake the desire for calm as a determination to achieve control – to keep change still. Movement, change, transition and the adjustment of perception is stillness if what remains true in a single moment is known.

Let’s not walk away from our failures. Take the hard road with our shadows trying to drag us down… lagging as we walk toward relentless light.

The raw gesture when consumed. The mature refinement that remains true to the gesture underneath, yet enhanced with intelligent consideration.

None of us are in control… We observe, learn and experience chaos with the maturity to make choices. The extent of the universe we each experience in a lifetime is of our own creation. It’s a matter of how much truth do you want to face, and whether you can handle yourself being mostly wrong.

Surpassing the ordinary concept of comfort being only happiness, peace and emotional security, a pleasurable life is suffered in the raw experience of any and all emotions. Whether joy or anger, it matters not as you have survived extremes and now value simply that you feel – and no fear of it.

Change is emotion as always, both in the short and in the long term. At this point great opportunity exists to express a true and unexpected emotion. Take it for it shall be lost if you fail to stand back and see the ant of self but a spec of nothing in the vast and vacuous space of humanity, circling as always with the source.

What is this tiny blue ball drifting in space and why do we inhabit it inwardly?

I do not exist.

Professional Notes:

Brenden Bates is an Australian Artist, born 26th of October, 1980 working in his studio, now in Adelaide.
Brenden’s work is held in private collections so far only on planet Earth. If someone would like a painting for their home on another planet or celestial body, they can have it for free.

If you would like to know more, background may be provided upon discussion.

Kindest regards.

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